Outdoor Enthusiasts Festival - Hagerstown, MD - reflections

MAPSE is partnering with the North American Bushcraft School to present this two-day outdoor festival at the site of the bushcraft school in Hedgesville, WV. See demonstrations of a variety of  primitive skills, from bow-fire drill to forging to black powder rifle . Learn about wild edible plants, try your hand at throwing a tomahawk, and bring wares to barter at the Trade Blanket Saturday afternoon. Spend the day or spend the weekend. Campfire food will be available for purchase. Click here for details, and register at  http://www.northamericanbushcraftschool.com/spring/.
Those who attend the festival will be given a coupon for a discount off our August expo.


Second Annual

Emergency Preparedness Expo - Hagerstown, MD - reflections

Learn skills that can assist you in emergencies.

In the event of a national catastrophic event, such as a natural disaster, economic meltdown, or terrorist attack, what would you do? Where would you go? Do you have the tools, skills, and resources to provide for yourself and your family?

Our society is fragile; we are dependent upon its infrastructure to provide for our needs. If that infrastructure were to collapse, we would be in serious and immediate trouble. Loss of electricity, water, food, and other resources would leave us paralyzed. We pray that this doesn’t happen, but it could. So what do we do?

Although I have been preparing for years, I still have more to do. I could survive by myself for well over a year. But what about the rest of my family? Add two or three persons and we are down to several months. So what’s the solution? Let’s ask the experts…

The Mid-Atlantic Emergency Preparedness and Survival Expo will be a gathering of such experts, those who can share their knowledge and demonstrate products that will help you feel more confident in your ability to care for yourself and those you love. Our expo has no political interest or agenda. And while we are supporters of the Second Amendment, the expo will not include firearms.

The 1st Annual Mid-Atlantic Emergency Preparedness & Survival Expo was a resounding success! Please mark the dates to join us in 2014.



Reflections From Exhibitors…

“Western Maryland Solar had a great experience at the MAPSE event this year. We had tons of great contacts and got the opportunity to share our knowledge of Solar with all that attended. We will definitely be attending next year!”
~Ryan Ballard, Owner, Western Maryland Solar,LLC

“We were extremely impressed and pleased with MAPSE. You and your team provided phenomenal support and were very professional. Dr. T's would be willing to come to any event that was sponsored by you or affiliated.”
Tom and Sheila Stoner
Dr. T’s Medical Kits

"I must admit I was not sure what to expect at the Mid-Atlantic Emergency Preparedness & Survival Expo (MAPSE). One of Washington County, MD Emergency Management's goals and responsibility is to educate citizens on the importance of being prepared. At this event we were surrounded by citizens and vendors who had the same goal. On behalf of the Washington County, MD Emergency Management Community Volunteers, Citizen Corps and myself we would like to thank you for the opportunity to be a part of a very informative and interesting expo. I have always said that I have never been involved in an event that I do not learn something. This was true at the MAPSE event. The atmosphere was extremely friendly and informative. This event gave an opportunity to bring together citizens and vendors to share ideas and information in regards to being prepared. It was very enlightening to meet people from all areas of the country who share a common goal to plan, prepare and to stay informed. We look forward to being included in this expo next year. "
Verna Brown, CEM
EM Coordinator - Emergency Management
Washington County Division of Emergency Services

"MAPSE was a great opportunity and totally exceeded expectations. Between the great quality of attendees, to the networking opportunities from fellow exhibitors, to the caring and attentive staff, it has earned a place in our event schedule for the foreseeable future!"
Jan Roos 
Director of Business Development
Vitality Sciences LLC | vitalitysci.com


"On 17-18 August 2013, I had the honor of participating in the Inaugural Mid-Atlantic Emergency Preparedness and Survival Expo (MAPSE) as the featured speaker. This event was a success for all involved thanks to the outstanding organization, leadership, and professionalism of our sponsors, Richard and Robin. From advertising to facilities, from vendors to speakers, and from attendees to members of the press, I heard nothing but high praise and gratitude to Richard and Robin for making the MAPSE a successful, educational, and enjoyable event. I have participated in many events of this kind and can say that this event was among the most best organized. I won't hesitate to be a part of the next one if they invite me back!"
Jay Blevins
Author of Survival and Emergency Preparedness Skills (SEPS): Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Readiness for Uncertain Times (OakTara 2012) and The Last Fall (OakTara 2012).


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Please call 301-573-5142 for details

Mid-Atlantic Preparedness & Survival Expo - Hagerstown, MD - reflections
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